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Resident letting agent
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Recognition of prior learning
Recognition of prior learning


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Absolutely. While online is a great way to learn, the classroom can sometimes be a little easier as you can immerse yourself in the training without the interruptions. Simply upgrade by paying the difference between the online and class price and away you go.

It does depend on which course and how much time you can put in but as a rough rule of thumb the Registration course will take around 60 hrs (or 4 days) and the Licence course will take around 150 hrs (or 4 days if experienced, or 8 days otherwise) of study.

Yes. We are there to help you through whether it needs to be one on one, small or large classroom, or through an online platform. We will help you get through!

Once you have received your Statement of Attainment you will need to apply for your Licence/Registration from the Office of Fair Trading. And find a job of course

We are a family run business with real world experience, we do every day what we teach. We are able to give you a personal service rather than just another big business only worried about the bottom line.

Generally not, but tell us about yourself and let’s make something work for you.

If you are ever thinking of buying, selling, renting or ever living in “real estate” then this is for you. What better way to make sure you know what’s going on than to know what the professionals know, and it might just keep them honest

If you can work this newfangled internet thingamajig and are reading this, then we can help you on your way to learning online.

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Queensland Real Estate Training College has been providing the very best in real estate education and training to the industry since 2009. Our focus is on delivering quality service and knowledge to our clients.

Queensland Real Estate Training College has become one of the industry’s most recognised training and coaching companies, through our unique approach both in providing training to real estate agents and the set up, development and expansion of agencies. This experience provides our clients with up to date and extensive knowledge not available from other training companies.
We pride ourselves on providing the most flexible real estate training in the industry. QRETC offers everything from one on one to large class to corporate training. Talk to us today to see what best suits you.

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